Friday, April 2, 2010

You and I

You and I have this's hard to describe.  I see you everywhere I go, but I know you don't know my every move.  I want you to know my every move, but never tell you.  I really like seeing you and having you around.  How do you feel about me?

We like the same places and have a lot of the same friends.  We like to do the same things and also dislike the same things.  When I'm with you I feel content and full of energy.  When I see you I want more of you and never want you to leave.  You smell so you were made perfectly, just for me.

Every time we meet there's something new about you that grasps and holds my attention.  You look scrumptious.  You smell delectable.  The sound of your name sends me to another place.  Your touch is like heaven.  I want more of you with each encounter!  Our love affair will never end.

Food is wonderful!  I hope you started your daily love affair with a great breakfast date today.  Have a great weekend!  Smooches!

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