Saturday, April 24, 2010


Who dares to dream?  Why dream when you're faced with reality?  Reality says that your dreams are just that...dreams; not goals or aspirations.  This world shows you that you can't really do big things unless you totally, or almost totally, lose yourself in trying to make things different from how you see the world with your eyes open.  So, I say just close your eyes and take a mental picture.  Then, work hard to see in reality what you see when you dream.

Make a blueprint in your mind.  Then, just like a contractor builds a new home, use your plan on paper and in your mind to map out each phase and every step to build your dream.  Don't give up or refuse to try simply because your family or friends aren't the ideal company or supporters of your dream.  Let them fuel your energy and increase your intensity to achieve your goal.  Get focused and get moving.

It won't come easy and you can't give up easily.  Stay on the job...grind it out.  Put the work in and reward yourself with accomplishments.  Your supporters will be there along the way.  Your doubters will show themselves...and you'll laugh at them.

It's beautiful to be you.  When you're determined, dedicated, committed, and's so beautiful to be you.  Take your picture and work toward making it your reality.  See you at your finish line!

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