Thursday, April 22, 2010


In the midst of all that you go through...don't forget to breathe.  Life comes hard and fast, decisions must be made, and life must and will go on.  Think about how to approach a problem....and breathe.  Think about your next steps in a situation...and breathe.  Feel whatever you may be feeling, work through it...and breathe.

During the course of one day I've had several stressful situations thrown at me and I almost forgot to breathe.  I was so angry, disappointed, confused, and upset that I almost didn't handle things properly.  I said thank you, because the situation wasn't worse than it was.  I breathed.  I said thank you because I was alive to see it all.  I breathed.  I began to wrap my head around the situation at hand...and I breathed.

Despite your level of expertise in a given area; despite your many experiences dealing with pain, trauma, emergencies, and stress...when it happens, you must still remember to breathe.  Use the organs so delicately assembled within you to bring about the best result you can with the instruments you've been given...breathe.  It's beautiful to be you ....and me.  In the midst of turmoil and's beautiful to be and breathing.

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