Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sometimes you just want what you want.  Sometimes you want to be out mixing and mingling; while at other times you just want to relax and catch a movie or make it a Blockbuster night.  Sometimes you'd rather stick to protocol and routine; while at other times you'd just like to do whatever you feel...when you feel it.  Sometimes you feel giving and caring; while at other times you just feel plain ole selfish.  Sometimes you discover that you're more than just the person whose name is written on the paper.

It's ok to change.  It's ok to not be the same all the time.  It's ok to want to experience something new.  It's ok to pamper yourself.  It's ok to have "me" time.  It's ok to not want to entertain and be the life of the party.

Take the time and get to know yourself...well.  Understand that you're not acting strangely just because you don't ascribe to a daily routine.  Be spontaneous sometimes and relax sometimes.  There's nothing wrong with change...sometimes it's for the better.  It's beautiful to be you....all the time, in every way.

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