Thursday, October 31, 2013

Still Learning

Sometimes what you think isn't your reality.  Sometimes what you've learned doesn't apply.  Sometimes your logic just doesn't fit or seem to work.  There are times that you may still be amazed.  You're still learning.

Although "there is nothing new under the sun", as the saying goes, people will continue to strive to find new ways to do the same ole things.  That push for something new forces you to discover, to invent, and to create.  Nevertheless, sometimes you end up doing the same things your ancestors did...just in some refreshed or recycled manner.

The longer you live, the clearer it will become to you that it's okay not to know everything.  It's also okay not to do things the way everyone else does.  It's okay to be surprised sometimes...maybe even a welcomed experience.  It's're still learning.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Your mind can be one of the most creative, innovative, tools of beauty and wonder to ever exist...if used for good.  On the other hand, your mind can be one of the most unimaginably painful, deplorable, horrifyingly stagnating workshops of stress and strife...if you focus or fixate upon the wrong things in life.  The mind is a powerful thing...both beautiful and strong.

Stay focused.  Meditate or pray daily.  Remind yourself of your purpose.  Write it down and read it every chance you get.  Remember that you are here to fulfill a calling that is much higher than your own will or desires.  Remember that your mind strong, but your spirit is stronger.

Never allow your thoughts to override what you know is right.  Never allow your thinking to lead you astray.  Always be certain of who you are and whose you are.  Be confident and unwavering in character and integrity.  Let your light shine for all to see.  Don't think about any one thing too long or you may end up doing wrong.

Your mind does what you tell it.  Your mind follows and repeats patterns and habits...memorized behavior.  Develop good patterns, healthy habits, and positive behaviors.  Keep your thoughts clean and your mind clear.  You are powerful with a powerful tool at your disposal.  Use it wisely.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Letting Go...Again

It's time to let go when you notice yourself even thinking about holding back or feel that someone in your presence isn't genuine.  It's time to let go when you realize words are just words - not attached to good intent, emotion, or passion...empty.  It's time to let go when you begin to wonder instead of knowing.  It's time to let go when your confidence has been transformed into doubt.  It's time to let go when who or whatever you are connected to begins to hurt more than help.
Letting go isn't something that can and should happen in only one specific type of situation. It should happen whenever there is a major shift for the worse in any situation that no longer benefits you and any other parties involved simultaneously.  It's never about only you.  Letting go is healthy and a necessary part of life.  You simply have to recognize and understand when it's time.
It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.