Monday, May 31, 2010

Letting Go

Letting go is hard to do.  Some times are easier than others...especially when experiences are accompanied by pain.  You seem to discover that nothing worth having is worth your continued pain.  You begin to think that there is a life worth living without having everything you want and begin focusing on the things you need.  You begin to focus your energy elsewhere...and slowly but surely you let go.

In some situations, letting go isn't so easy.  You see what you want everyday, but can't have it.  Sometimes, what you want is so close you can smell and almost taste it.  In some ways, you still chase the idea.  You haven't accepted the fact that what you want just isn't for you. 

Life gives you lemons so you can make lemonade.  You're thrown into the heat so you can appreciate the cold.  You're given dry days so you can appreciate the rain.  So, when life brings you something you want - shiny, pretty, and new - you have to practice discipline and exercise wisdom to know if that something is meant for you.  You may not truly know until that something becomes unattainable. 

Whatever it is that you want, but can't have because it isn't meant for you...let it go.  Something better suited for you will come along.  Something tailor-made for your personality, lifestyle, talents, and dreams will come into your life...and you'll love it.

It's beautiful to be you...even when it's hard to let just takes time.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Let a little.  Hang out, take a trip, meet some people.  Have fun!

I know, I have to work hard to reap a just reward.  Just remember : : all work and no play makes for a dull life.  Stop and smell the roses doesn't have to be for long.  Just try to relax a little sometimes.  Let your hair down.  Have me time or time with someone you trust and enjoy spending time with.  Just try'll love it! 

Fun times keep you smiling when things aren't going right.  You can remember and think about the fun times when times are really tough.  You can laugh about the fun times to get you through the rough patches.  When work seems like it isn't working and life seems mundane...think about your fun.  It's worth it.

It's beautiful to be can have fun too!

It's Time

It's time to show 'em what you're made of.  All the talent, the ideas, the thoughts behind the actions, the days and nights of strategizing and's time to bring it all together!

Hold your head high and present the world with your real-life dream...your hard-earned happiness.  It's ok to share what makes you smile, keeps you going, and makes you move.  Show the world what has kept your gears turning...what has kept you on your toes. 

Keep in mind...what you share doesn't have to be tangible!  Some will understand and some won't...just keep smiling and moving forward!

It's beautiful to be you...especially when it's your time!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wait Your Turn

Everything you put out comes back to you...attitude, money, energy, all comes back.  Are you ready to receive everything you've put out?  Are you prepared to receive everything regardless of how it comes back?  Are you now thinking about what you've done or said...things that you don't want to come back?

Regret it right the first time.  Recognize that you don't know everything and that you make mistakes.  Apologize sincerely for your wrong doings and make right what you have the power to change.  Having a good heart and clear mind is the first step to being able to readily receive what's coming your way.  Don't be afraid...especially when you know you've done your best.

Don't do things with the idea that you'll be repaid in some way.  Do whatever you do sincerely and from the heart.  Expect nothing in return accept the feeling you get from knowing you've done well and good.  Keep doing well and good.  Your turn for overwhelming success is coming.  It may not come how you think it should, but it'll be just what you need.  Just wait your's coming.

It's beautiful to be you...just you wait and see.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sometimes your dreams seem wilder, out of the box, and those around you.  Nevermind them...keep your focus and do what you feel is right...what makes you happy.  Anything worth having is worth being thought of as crazy for awhile.  It takes a radical to change the world.  No one will think you're crazy anymore once you've achieved success.

Remember to stay focused.  Nevermind the critics...they've become apathetically complacent.  Nevermind the non-supporters and nay-sayers...your success isn't for them anyway.  Keep your head on straight...look ahead and keep moving forward.  It's your dream; your success...who else do you think is suppose to achieve it?

It's beautiful to be you...a success waiting to happen.


You feel as if your heart is escaping through your eyes in tiny droplets that you can't control. 

Breathe, breathe.  Don't let the feeling consume you. 

You feel as if you may have lost a friend that, maybe, you never truly had. 

You feel as if you're out in the ocean waiting to be rescued after having fallen from a yacht.

You can swim but your legs are getting tired and you feel like giving up; letting yourself go under...letting the sea whisk you away.

This is heartbreak...this was me.  There is joy after the pain.  There is hope after the doubt.  There is laughter to aid in your healing.  There is still love.  The sun will shine just for you...after the rain washes away all the tears you've shed.  Keep your head up...someone needs to see your strength. 

It's beautiful to be you...keep smiling...someone needs you.

Monday, May 24, 2010


It's amazing how experiences can change your life; good and bad.  Negativity can rear its ugly head in your outlook, approach, and daily actions...if you don't learn the lessons life has to teach you. 

Pay attention and look around you.  Every step, every moment, every action, every decision...happens for a reason.  The lesson is what you take away from each situation that helps you to grow and mature.

Be observant.  Be patient.  Be strategic.  Be wise.  Be open-minded.  Watch, learn, and grow.

It's beautiful to be you...learning everyday.

Love Remains

For every rainy day, there's a rainbow. 
For every cloudy day, there's sunshine. 
For every midnight, there's a morning.

For every cry, there's laughter. 
For every tear, there's a smile. 
For every broken heart, there's a hug. 

For every weary soul, there's rest. 
For every apology and mistake...there's still love.

It's beautiful to be well.

It Just Is...

Your day will be long.  Your patience will wear thin.  You will get tired.  You will get angry.  You will hurt...and you will heal.  You will rest.  You will relax.  You will recuperate.  You will bounce back.

Time isn't renewable.  Life doesn't happen twice.  Opportunities are meant to be taken, not feared.  Each day is a gift, cherish it.  Life isn't just is.  It's as simple as you make it.  It just is...try.

It's beautiful to be just is.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Raining

For some, rain brings melancholy, gray skies, and loneliness.  For some, the rain is a sign that things are not right and that there needs to be a change.  For me, rain is a mental note to me that my life needs to slow down a bit and it's time to recuperate from the wear and tear of life. 

Sometimes it's mandatory to take a day to yourself to reflect and strategize.  Sometimes it's mandatory to take some time to just relax, breathe, and regroup.  Sometimes it's mandatory to just sit and laugh without thinking about the daily stressors of your life.  Sometimes it's mandatory to watch and listen...even if you never respond to a single thing.

Try looking at the upside of the nourishes the earth.  Rain slackens the pace of everything that we somehow believe can't be slowed down.  It's symbolic of cleansing and tranquility.  Take time for yourself to determine what the rain can do for you.  It isn't so bad to slow down a helps you to put all things into perspective.

It's beautiful to be you...slow down to see what the rain will wash out of your life.  It's a wonderfully beautiful process to witness!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I challenge myself to live, despite the risk.
I challenge myself to love, despite the possibility of pain.
I challenge myself to laugh, despite the tears.

I challenge myself to be patient.
I challenge myself to be the best me.
I challenge myself to support you.
I challenge myself to encourage you.

I challenge myself beyond my's the only way to grow
I challenge myself to rest and care for me.
I challenge myself not to over-think life.
I challenge myself to improve.
I challenge you to do the!

It's beautiful to be you...trying, challenging, and changing...more beautiful by the minute.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sometimes you feel it...almost overwhelmingly strong.  Sometimes you can barely tell it's there.  At other times it's like a persistent thread that runs through the fabric of everything you do.  It's like your link to the rest of the world around you...connection.

Everyone needs it.  You need it to feel wanted, loved, seen, needed, liked, or even acknowledged.  It is imperative that each person feels connected to something or someone in some way to feel that their life has meaning.  Anyone not connected to someone or something may slowly, but surely fade away.  It's a human need that we're connected.

Don't fool yourself into believing that you don't need anyone for anything.  If only for a mental connection, we need one another.  No matter what you may have been through...regardless of how difficult or how tough; it's always easier to get through troublesome times when you feel connected.  Pray, meditate, share with someone, care for a plant or animal, commit yourself to a project...get connected to something or someone.  As simple as it may sound; it helps you cope with daily stress.

It's beautiful to be you...connected and meaningful in all that you do.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Life happens everyday...good or bad.  Planned or unplanned, situations will come your way.  The circumstances surrounding every situation you encounter can and will bring out the best or worst in you.  As crazy as it may seem...the world has a way of relegating your worth to your circumstances.

What you do with the issues that surround you, how you respond to them; will determine how others view you - whether their perceptions are true or not.  Image is everything when people don't know you from the inside out.  No matter what, hold your head high, think things through, and do what's best for you in your situation.  The circumstances will change...eventually.

Don't let circumstance determine who you are.  Practice and display integrity, patience, determination, dedidcation, and kindness.  Who you are will shine through your circumstance as long as you remain consistent.  Life happens everyday...good or bad.  Circumstances will the constant.

It's beautiful to be you...even when you don't know what's coming next .  Don't worry about what everyone thinks.  Do what's best for you. 

Friday, May 7, 2010


We always seem to view baggage in a negative way.  I don't mean baggage in an airport luggage kind of way.  The baggage I'm referring to are the leftovers you've retained that have resulted from the not-so-nice experiences - heartbreak, mistrust, lack of vision, mistakes, or even failures - that have happened during your life.  Those indescribable feelings, those unspeakable thoughts, and the unexplained actions or preconceived ideas...are all leftovers.  The leftovers become baggage in your cargo bay - dead weight in your heart.

Why let the leftovers dictate what you'll have for dinner?  Simply take a trip to the grocery store, get fresh ingredients, and whip up an exciting, new meal!  Don't be confined to what you think is the only way, the only option, or the only outcome.  Open your heart, your mind, your ears, and your eyes...accept and embrace your new experiences.  Don't just run away because things may appear similar to something you've seen before.

Dumbells are heavy for a reason.  They'd be dead weight - just lying around - unless you use them.  Pick up your baggage and use it for some good.  Put it to use and learn from it...without allowing it to hold you back.  Don't allow it to weigh you down; use it to make you stronger. 

It's beautiful to be strong and beautiful.


The corner is a special place.  You can see and not be the corner.  You can observe all the passers the corner.  You can get ready for whatever is coming your the corner.  The corner may make you feel under pressure, but you'll come out shining like a diamond.

Take your time observing, learning, and practicing.  Try again and again until your craft is perfected.  Don't give up now; you've come too far.  It doesn't hurt to be the unrefined material in the rarely traveled foothills of a mountain.  Be still and your corner.  Your patience is a virtue and will pay off in due time.  Nestle yourself in your corner of the world until the ever-persistent treasure hunter comes to claim you as his own.  It's alright to be chosen last...the best usually are.

It's beautiful to be you...such a gem you are!


Everyone takes a chance sometime.  Every time you make a choice you take a chance.  You take a chance that you'll act and your efforts will either succeed or fail.  If you don't take action, your decision gets stale. 

When you act on your decisions, you make a statement that you're willing to try.  Trying is taking a chance...a chance that things may not work.  Don't be afraid.  Pray, breathe, and take a chance.  Have faith and walk into the unknown knowing that everything will be alright.

Life is full of chances.  Each chance can be viewed as opportunities or all depends on your perspective.  A chance - an opportunity to gain new experiences and additional opportunities OR the risk of mistake or failure.  Remember, you can learn from a mistake and try again; but you won't get the same chance twice.  Step out, take a chance, life life without fear.  Live life loud.

It's beautiful to be you.  Stay lovely.

It's Time

I've been away dealing with life for awhile.  I learned a few things to bring back to you.  It's time to share.

  1. Trust your friends.  They help you even when you can't help yourself.
  2. Trust yourself.  If something feels right, even if you're afraid, go with it.  You only live once.
  3. Appreciate the people who give you unconditional love and support...they and what they give you are hard to find.
  4. Work hard, play harder.  Enjoy yourself while you can.  You work hard everyday for the things you want and need.  Take time to relax and recuperate your mind, body, and soul.
  5. It's ok to love, even when you get hurt.  It's better to have loved than to not have loved at all.  Enjoy every second of bliss while it lasts.  True love never disappears anyway.  What remains will be what you need.  If it's friendship, you have a gem; if it's a lesson, you have a nugget; and if it's both you're truly blessed.
  6. Appreciate the differences in others.  Everyone won't do things the way you do or the way you think they should...but that doesn't mean they're wrong or lacking integrity.  Appreciate the differences in yourself and others so that you can begin to see life from various broadens your horizons.
  7. Know when to see the big picture.  Don't let a something small get in the way of what could be something great.  Just because you made a mistake doesn't mean you have to drop a dream, project, or new endeavor.
  8. Know your limitations.  When you know you can't handle it: step back, take a breath, and get your mind together.  Then, come back refreshed and ready to go with new energy, new ideas, or just an open mind.
  9. Don't be so afraid that you run away.  Face your fear head on.  Your friends and/or family are your support.  Divide and conquer your fear...with the help of your supporters you will defeat whatever has frightened you.
  10. Live, laugh, and love...loud!  You have a life given to you by it well.  Laughter will help to mend a broken will experience one eventually.  Love regardless of what you think the outcome may will come back to you.
It's beautiful to be you...especially when you can share what you've learned.  You're wiser now.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I woke up with a song in my heart...not knowing that the message in the song was meant to prepare me for my day.  Having no idea what I was in store for, I made up my mind that everything would  be alright.  It's just like Him to give you a little inspiration to prepare you for the storm. 

Know yourself and your limitations.  Affect change when and where you can.  Do your best and don't worry about the rest.  Things that you can't change will work out in way that will be best for you...even if you don't like it.  Do what you can do and everything will be alright.

It's beautiful to be you...especially when you're ready for what's ahead.