Monday, July 22, 2013

Reach Out

There are times when reaching out is futile.  Regardless of how important it is to maintain contact, reinforce shared views, or to project your feelings...sometimes reaching out just doesn't work with some people.  There are times when one must realize that in order to reach out, there has to be something to reach for.  Otherwise, you're grasping at nothingness - like trying to find your way in the dark and not knowing what's there.  There are times that reaching out can be discouraging.

I am human.  Therefore, I am flawed.  However, I am an idealist.  I see things the way they are, but I think of the way they should be.  Reaching out reinforces the spreading of love and positive energy.  It supports expansion and being open minded.  However, it is important to understand that everyone does not and will not share or adopt this view.

In reaching out, understand that sometimes you may not be well-received.  Sometimes you may be shunned, turned away, or rejected.  Also understand that you could be embraced, welcomed, and appreciated for your efforts.  To every down, there is an up.  For every negative, there is a positive...yin and yang.  Yes, reaching out may, at times, be futile...but not always.  Don't stop.  Reach out.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.