Friday, November 26, 2010

Reminiscent Holiday

As you sit in a room full of people and watch family and friends grow weary of indulging, your mind is enticed into memories by the smell of the food and the sound of the laughter...or maybe even the cry of a babe.  You begin to muddle through your mind's memoir of gatherings that were fun and wholesome...and others that weren't so fun.  Suddenly, you feel an onslaught of emotion...and you exit the room momentarily to collect yourself.  You think to yourself..."maybe I shouldn't have come", "maybe I should have stayed home", "I wasn't ready for all this", or "where is all this coming from?".  As weird as you may feel, you rejoin the festivities.

Despite the feelings of relief, happiness, sadness, pity, embarrassment, or anger you may feel about the past...there is always another chance.  You see that chance in the eyes of the children playing.  You hear that chance in the laughter that rings through the house.  You feel that chance in each hug you receive as family and friends come and go.  All you have to do is take it.

This or any holiday may be reminiscent of past pain, embarrassment, anger, or happiness and joy.  No matter the memory...create a new one.  Whether or not the past has been as full of love as you'd prefer or a new custom.  Establish a new tradition...a legacy of your own.  From this day forward design a mental chronicle of peace-filled moments for your children, grandchildren, other family, and friends to cherish.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.


At times you're awakened to birds chirping and the sound of the first movements of life outdoors....wind blowing, leaves rustling, creatures scurrying.  At other times you're awakened to the sound of your thoughts - the ones from which your rest has allowed you a sense of reprieve.  At desperate times, you're awakened by fear, the feeling of your heart pounding rapidly, the sound of vehicles crashing, horns blaring, or sirens sounding off.  Fear grips at the core of your very being...because you have no clue what has happened or what's going on.

Nevertheless, every once in awhile, you're awakened from a dream that you've been living with your eyes wide shut.  You do the things you think are right.  You act in a way that you think is proper and acceptable.  You even see things clearly through a cracked lens.  You haven't seen reality in quite some time.

Hearing what you don't want to hear and feeling the pain or embarrassment that results jars you into reality.  No more rosy colored glasses or auto-focus pictures.  Reality has become real to you and your eyes have been've been awakened.  You no longer see what you want to see or hear what you want to simply see and hear what is.

Don't be afraid.  Adjust to the light and move forward.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

Monday, November 8, 2010


It's life that gets you loving.  It's liking that gets you loving.  It's moving that gets you loving.  It's happiness that gets you loving.  It's positivity that gets you loving.

It's hope that gets you loving.  It's motivation that gets you loving.  It's inspiration that gets you loving.  It's attitude that gets you loving.  It's love that gets you loving.

It's laughter that gets you loving.  Laughter in the heart, mind, and where love resides.  Love brings laughter.  Laughter spreads and shares love.  Let love won't hurt.  It feels good!

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Awaiting Enlightenment

In the still hush of the night; when all you hear is a plane overhead, you sit and think...and wait.
Your mind races like an anxious new father en route to the hospital to capture the birth of his first son on tape.
You can't find answers and your body harbors nervous energy...working energy...creative energy.
Anywhere but here,
   any thoughts but these,
      any choices but your own...

You've prayed, meditated, focused and re-focused your energy, but nothing seems to work.
No answers are arriving at the crossroad of your heart and your you wait.
You wait for a sign, a symbol; a small, but firm, faint voice inside that will clue you into your next steps.
All the what ifs,
  all the could it be's,
    all the I don't knows...

You sit, you think, you sip, you watch, you munch, you talk, you write....and you wait for enlightenment.
You wait for a divine directive that is already within...that you're afraid to act upon.
You wait for new knowledge.
It's inside,
  deep within you know,
     there's nothing new under the sun...
        except the way the answers were crafted in your heart to fit your individual situation.

Enlightenment has come; it's been there all along.  You heard, but ignored it.  You felt, but quelled it.
Know it, feel it, own it, love it.  Ignore the fear. Quiet the doubt.  Be who you were meant to be - wonderfully and fearfully made.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.