Monday, April 26, 2010


It's interesting how one conversation with another can cause you to reflect on your own actions and inactions.  Helping someone to see themselves can help you to look at yourself.  Are you prepared to look at yourself, your choices, your actions, and your inactions....critically?  Have you?

I was asked a question today, "Have you ever made a decision or acted out of loneliness?".  Of all my moments of reflection and deep thought about my actions and inactions, I never truly did an inventory of my decisions that were prompted by loneliness.  This one question, and the conversation that followed, reaffirmed for me that despite all our strengths and talents...we still need each other more than you think.  It's amazing how being alone can cause the strongest, most clear-minded person to weaken and have clouded judgement.

Never underestimate your ability to see yourself walking along the path of someone else's may be your own.  Through your daily conversations and chit chat, think about what questions apply to you.  It's very interesting what you might find.  It's beautiful to be you...interesting too. 


At some point, all things collide.  What have you done to ensure that all things don't collide in an accidental fashion?

Make healthy choices.  Act on good decisions.  View all situations with an open mind.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Have integrity...keep your word.  All things can work together for your good...if you're living harmoniously. 

Keep your thoughts clear and pure.  Stay focused on the task at hand, but always keep the bigger picture in mind.  Help someone along the way.  Don't lose sight of what really matters.  Have you done an inventory of you know what really matters? 

Harmony is all about the balance of things in your life.  Mahatma Gandhi said "happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."  If you're balanced from the inside, you won't have difficulty maintaining balance around you.  This does not mean trials won't come or that turmoil won't raise its head.  However, when trials do come and chaotic situations do'll be more than capable of maintaining your composure and handling a given situation appropriately.

It's beautiful to be you.  Trust God and what He's put in you.  Trust yourself and grasp opportunities as they come.  It's so beautiful to be you...harmoniously.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dreams: Part 2

Dreams are living thoughts... Paper isn't durable enough to hold them.  A conversation isn't big enough to convey them.  A day isn't long enough to achieve them.  A person's disbelief isn't powerful enough to stop them...unless it's you.

Dreams are dazzling and intense...  They capture your heart by painting a picture of your internal desires.  They grasp your heart and allow it to fly.  They present happiness like you've never known.  They arrest your actions of unhappiness and replace them with destiny.

Your dream won't evade you unless you choose not to make it happen.  Don't just chase your dream, strategically achieve it!  No one can make your dream impossible but you.  No matter how big or how small...your dream displays your happiness, your joy.  Don't let anything stand in your way.

It's beautiful to be you...with your brilliant mind.  You're a force to be reckoned with...prove it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Who dares to dream?  Why dream when you're faced with reality?  Reality says that your dreams are just that...dreams; not goals or aspirations.  This world shows you that you can't really do big things unless you totally, or almost totally, lose yourself in trying to make things different from how you see the world with your eyes open.  So, I say just close your eyes and take a mental picture.  Then, work hard to see in reality what you see when you dream.

Make a blueprint in your mind.  Then, just like a contractor builds a new home, use your plan on paper and in your mind to map out each phase and every step to build your dream.  Don't give up or refuse to try simply because your family or friends aren't the ideal company or supporters of your dream.  Let them fuel your energy and increase your intensity to achieve your goal.  Get focused and get moving.

It won't come easy and you can't give up easily.  Stay on the job...grind it out.  Put the work in and reward yourself with accomplishments.  Your supporters will be there along the way.  Your doubters will show themselves...and you'll laugh at them.

It's beautiful to be you.  When you're determined, dedicated, committed, and's so beautiful to be you.  Take your picture and work toward making it your reality.  See you at your finish line!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


They are there when you need them most...and when you want nothing to do with them.  In times of trouble and confusion; and in times of joy and exhilaration...friends are always there.  When you feel alone and cornered in a situation; friends remind you that you aren't.  When you feel depressed and saddened by the trials of life; friends encourage you.  When you feel that you don't care anymore; friends care for you.

To my you; thank you for reading.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for kind and wise words.  Thank you for encouragement and love.  Thank you for your interest and care.  Thank you for your sincerity and genuine heart.  Thank you.

Thank your friends or friend.  Appreciate them while you can...say it and show it.  Accept the love and return it.  Relish the fun times and remember them.  If your paths should separate; revel in the aspects of life that you've shared.

For You: You've shown me who you are...again.  You've been more than I expected...again.  Thank you.  I appreciate and love you for who you are. 

It's beautiful to be you...continue to be you.  With your friends and all the love and support they's all for you.


In the midst of all that you go through...don't forget to breathe.  Life comes hard and fast, decisions must be made, and life must and will go on.  Think about how to approach a problem....and breathe.  Think about your next steps in a situation...and breathe.  Feel whatever you may be feeling, work through it...and breathe.

During the course of one day I've had several stressful situations thrown at me and I almost forgot to breathe.  I was so angry, disappointed, confused, and upset that I almost didn't handle things properly.  I said thank you, because the situation wasn't worse than it was.  I breathed.  I said thank you because I was alive to see it all.  I breathed.  I began to wrap my head around the situation at hand...and I breathed.

Despite your level of expertise in a given area; despite your many experiences dealing with pain, trauma, emergencies, and stress...when it happens, you must still remember to breathe.  Use the organs so delicately assembled within you to bring about the best result you can with the instruments you've been given...breathe.  It's beautiful to be you ....and me.  In the midst of turmoil and's beautiful to be and breathing.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Are you looking for something?  Did you lose something along the way or just feel a void of some kind?  What are you looking for?  May I help you?  Did you look inside first?

One of the first things most people do when they feel a void is look for stuff.  They participate in excessive amounts of activities and events.  Some host events as a way to constantly have company.  Some even do things they truly don't want to do to try to fill a void.  George Moore said, "A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it." 

Fix your home first...fix you.  Work on dealing with your void or loss.  What is the void/loss the product or result of?  Have you accepted it or are you in denial?  Pray, meditate, reflect, write...whatever works for you.  Don't go through life searching for something you'll never find because you don't know what you're looking for.  Education, knowledge, enlightenment, acceptance, understanding, strategy, and action.

It's beautiful to be you...even when you're introspective.  Take the time to look within so you don't waste time looking everywhere else.  Focus on you and your future...the rest will take care of itself.  Enjoy your day!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Henry David Thoreau said: "Things do not change; we change."

We all want success and happiness, but most aren't willing to make the changes to achieve it.  Think about the people you consider weathly or rich.  They were either born into wealth or they've endured some major hardships and challenges to achieve their successes and reach their goals.  Either way, they have all at some point been taken out of their comfort zone to achieve certain feats.

Change is a very powerful thing and it's a choice.  However, you can choose to change or you will be forced to change.  If you don't change, eventually life will feel like a'll just keep spinning around sitting in the same spot.  Don't you want a new experience?  If you want something different, do something different...CHANGE!

I want new experiences, so I'm making changes.  Life isn't going to wait on me or you...the carousel will just keep spinning.  Be the change you want to see.  Don't wait for it to come to you...go get it!  It's beautiful to be you...especially when you're going through a transformation.  I can see your growth...can you?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sometimes you just want what you want.  Sometimes you want to be out mixing and mingling; while at other times you just want to relax and catch a movie or make it a Blockbuster night.  Sometimes you'd rather stick to protocol and routine; while at other times you'd just like to do whatever you feel...when you feel it.  Sometimes you feel giving and caring; while at other times you just feel plain ole selfish.  Sometimes you discover that you're more than just the person whose name is written on the paper.

It's ok to change.  It's ok to not be the same all the time.  It's ok to want to experience something new.  It's ok to pamper yourself.  It's ok to have "me" time.  It's ok to not want to entertain and be the life of the party.

Take the time and get to know yourself...well.  Understand that you're not acting strangely just because you don't ascribe to a daily routine.  Be spontaneous sometimes and relax sometimes.  There's nothing wrong with change...sometimes it's for the better.  It's beautiful to be you....all the time, in every way.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Me vs. You

Speak your mind at all times...respectfully and with dignity.  There's nothing worse than a person who can not communicate effectively.  Either they say one thing, but mean another...and show it; or they say something and mean it, but don't know how to show it.  There may be some gray areas in between, but it all boils down to me vs. you. 

If you're in this together, act like it.  Talk to one another.  Share your feelings...good and bad.  Depend on one another's honest opinion and feedback.  Don't be afraid to change or grow...listen and learn from your flaws and mistakes.  It's ok to ask for advice, but only from wise counsel.

Never trust the opinions or two cents of others over your teammate.  Keep in mind that you chose your team.  The team will be there when you fall.  The team will be there when you reach the mountain peak.  The team will be there when you make you smile.  The team is what you put into it...and that works both ways. 

Remember, there is no I or you in team...only us.  Work together, play together, build, grow, create a legacy, draft a blueprint...but always keep in mind that it isn't me vs. you...only us.  It's beautiful to be you...especially when it's me and 

Friday, April 16, 2010


You can't accept everything from everyone.  You shouldn't expect kind words from everyone.  Sometimes you have to be aware of who has wise words to offer and who just has their two cents to put in.  Weigh words wisely.  An old Danish proverb says: ask advice only of your equals.

It isn't wise to ask advice of someone who has never experienced anything remotely close to what you're going through.  By all means, share your experiences and your you learn it.  However, don't expect a song from a woodpecker when your nightingale awaits at your window.  In other words, don't ask advice of those who you know can't help you; especially when you know who the wise people are in your life.  There is nothing wrong with routinely addressing one or two individuals when you have problems or shows wisdom.

Everyone in your life has a place and a purpose.  Everyone's place and purpose is not to give advice.  Sometimes the best advice comes without ever asking it of'll be presented when you need it most.  It's beautiful to be you...even when you don't know all the answers.  Be patient, your way will be shown to you in due time.  Enjoy your day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's a wonderful experience when you can agree to disagree with someone or a group of people and move on as mature adults to whatever your future may bring your way.  However, on the other hand, it can get really ugly when unintended meanings are derived from words spoken out of hurt, anger, and embarrassment.  Today, I have experienced both situations and it was quite a teaching tool.

When you are hurt you can't be productive in the area of your pain...until you've healed.  It is most important for you to understand and learn from your pain.  The first step is always to accept and admit that you've been hurt and are hurting.  Don't beat up on yourself because you believe you were weak, therefore, allowing yourself to get hurt.  Anytime you love, you risk the chance of getting hurt. 

Pain is a teacher too.  Through experience, it teaches compassion, understanding, kindness, and patience.  By experiencing pain we allow ourselves the opportunity to grow and gain a new understanding of how to avoid and deal with it.  Don't be will get better.

Feel everything that goes along with being hurt...digest it.  Spend some time alone.  Take time to think and reflect on your actions, or lack thereof.  Then, spend some time healing yourself and making yourself feel good...knowing that no pain is the consequence of your actions alone.  Forgive who or whatever you believe was the cause of your pain and begin to move forward.

It's beautiful to be you...even when you're hurting.  Your pain opened a wound...let it heal and bring closure to your pain.  Write a new chapter in your book of life and smile again.  Be strong, be beautiful, be you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Compassion exhibits courage.  It proves that you have the strength to look beyond what you see and understand someone else's weakness.  It shows others that they can make mistakes and not be put down or forgotten.  Compassion gives others the opportunity to see and learn of your character.  It allows you to grow every time you exercise it.

Compassion shows that you are human.  Showing mercy and kindness allows those around you to see the clarity of your heart.  It shows that you can be just and fair.  It proves that your aren't easily swayed by the very things that would make the world turn their backs on you or someone else.  Compassion teaches others that you are trustworthy.

Compassion is a speed bump on the road to forgiveness.  It slows you down just enough to see a clear picture and to gain perspective on your situation.  It compels you to love, practice tolerance, and show leniency.  Compassion is a great feat accomplished and practiced by great people...courageous and strong people.

It's beautiful to be you.  Show the world who you are from the inside out.  Do for someone else something that you would want done for you.  Be understanding and some compassion.  It goes a long way.  Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Daily you awake to experience life in a way that only you can.  You complete your morning tasks or duties and off to work you go!  You move through the day with a sense of "getting things done" - not thinking of how everything you do affects someone else. 

Every action has a reaction.  Every up has a down...and vice versa.  Every thought eventually prompts some kind of action.  Every feeling produces a frame of mind.  Every experience develops perspective.  What does it all mean?

By design, we were created with the power of influence and the ability to affect change in our surroundings.  What have you done to affect change?  Have you ever thought about it?  As I sat for jury duty one day, I thought about how every part of what every person does affects another person or group of people...and I was amazed.  As Bud Schulberg said: "Isn't everyone a part of everyone else?"

Take some, tomorrow, when you have a minute...think about what you do to positively or negatively affect change around you.  Do you help others; do you only perform your duties; do you pass on what you've learned through teaching someone else; or have you decided that what you do or don't do doesn't really make a difference?  It does!

Remember, it's beautiful to be you.  Share who you are, what you know...the good, the bad, the pretty, and the ugly.  Help to cultivate someone else's mind.  Be a catalyst for growth in someone else's life.  Hurt people, hurt  people.  Healed people, love people.  It'll come back to you...I promise.  Have a great day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wondering About Something New

My yesterday was beautiful! My today will be marvelous! What will tomorrow bring?

Yesterday I tried something new; I did something I've never done.  I loved it, but was nervous the whole time.  My heart beat double time, my mind raced, I was hot and cold at the same time....yet I loved it.  I even thought twice about it.  It was like your first ride on your favorite roller coaster...only you don't know it yet. 

Initially, I thought I really want to see...I want to try it.  Next, there was a feeling of exhilaration after making the decision.  Then, there were the butterflies in my stomach.  After that, there I was second-guessing myself.  Finally, I was ready to dive in head first and there was no turning back.

I was so excited, yet so scared.  Two feelings about the same endeavor...simultaneously!  I was ready to run full speed ahead and ready to run full speed in the opposite direction at the same time.  In the end I stuck with my decision and I have no regrets.  Now that I've done something new I'm left with a feeling that says "What next?". 

These are the feelings most people feel when making a big decision about something new.  It could be a new job, a big purchase, a big move, or simply stepping outside of your normal individual boundaries.  Whatever "something new" may be for you embrace it, love it, decide to commit to it, and enjoy it.  You never know, something new might be what you need to give you that extra push, increased enthusiasm, or it may just be your heavenly muse.  It's beautiful to be you.  Keep life and live.  Enjoy your day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Busy, busy, busy...always things to do.  Relax a little...take time to enjoy the world around you.  Breathe a little...release pinned up tension and stress.  Have something you've never done and enjoy it.  Give back...teach someone something you've learned to do, only teach them how to do it better.

There are 24 hours in each day and eight of them should be devoted to sleeping and rejuvenation.  The other 16 hours will pass regardless of what you do within them; but don't you think what you do should be worth something to you or to someone else?  Think outside the box...outside yourself.  Don't be so busy that you can't live a little. 

It's beautiful to be you...enjoy your day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Cool

Life is good, it's cool.  With the lowering of the temperatures, attitudes and actions seem to have cooled down a bit too.  People aren't as eager to be out and about.  Maintain the attitude of spring!  With spring comes new beginnings, fresh encounters, enhanced efforts, and extra energy.  Learn, create, become something's cool.

Relax a little and enjoy the rebirth of things around you.  Let the newness bring you ideas, a rejuvenated outlook, and a little inspiration.  Endeavor to try something new, go somewhere new, or do something differently than your normal routine.  Make up your mind to be fancy free.  It's cool.

Learn more about who you are.  As you grow each day, bask in who you've become and how you reached that point.  Re-discover your likes and dislikes.  Re-invent YOU!  It's cool.

It's beautiful to be you.  Love, appreciate, and take care of yourself.  Don't expect anyone to do for you what you won't do for yourself.  It's beautiful to be's cool!  Have a refreshingly great day!


My apologies to you, first and foremost...I gave my word that my post would be available daily no later than noon...and I didn't deliver.  My sincerest apologies...I'm back. I'll do the best I can to stick to it.

For a minute I'd delved into my work and focused on some things that needed to be done immediately, but wasn't focusing on myself at all.  I had this to do and that to do; but at the end of the day I was left with the feeling that I'd done work, but nothing that I actually planned to do.  I'd been sidetracked by work.  Yes, you read correctly...sidetracked by work!

Sometimes, you can work so much that you put the rest of what constructs your life on the back burner.  At other times, you can spend so much time working on the pillars of your life that you don't get any work done.  We have to remember to put time into home and to put time into work, but how?  BALANCE!

Balance is equilibrium, self-control, harmony.  Without balance you can't walk straight, stand straight, or even see straight.  It's amazing how important it is to have balance...something we voluntarily practice and utilize everyday.  Yet, this one thing is what keeps us from achieving harmony across our entire lives...equal attention, equal effort, and equal energy in all that we do.  Just imagine your life with total stress.

You've strategized, contemplated, and decided the best practices for work; the easiest fixes for home; yet you don't put them together.  Think double-minded at all times.  Think of how work can make your life easier and how your life may be able to make work easier.  Work smarter, not harder.  Expend your energy when necessary, but focus and work tenaciously toward your goal. 

In your quiet, unscheduled, or unplanned down time do something that makes you smile.  Take a walk, eat ice cream, watch a movie, listen to music...whatever works for you.  Power up...even if it's only a 10 minute power up.  Get yourself ready for what's coming next.  De-stress and regain your balance.  Enjoy being you and all that you harmony.  Enjoy your day!


I read a quote today and it stuck with me: "Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes...but no plans (Peter Drucker) 

This rings true in your life, regardless of your profession or personal relationship with others.  Never expect too much from a situation or person from whom you never receive commitment.  Very often men and women have high expectations of each other, their jobs, and various people and tasks that they may put their energy into.  Personally, you'll get a return for putting forth effort and hard work.  However, when there is no commitment, there is no plan to move forward. 

I know this may be disheartening to hear, but look at it this way : : If you spend your time committing to what makes you feel good and what makes your heart smile, you will be rewarded for it in due time.  On the other hand; if you do what makes you happy with the hope that someone or something will measure up to your expectations; you're setting yourself up for disappointment.  Think forward, be proactive, troubleshoot before trouble comes.

Take some time, a few minutes even, to think about what/who you may be putting your energy into that has no commitment to you.  Re-evaluate your involvement with those things/people.  Develop your strategy for success that isn't contingent upon someone or something else's role.  Next, re-evaluate what you take part in that you have not committed to.  Is it really worth it?

Commitment is a hefty and meaningful word and action that isn't done in one happens and is renewed over time.  Make your heart smile, travel what makes you happy.  Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


People show their appreciation in many different ways.  Some give hugs; others give kisses.  Some give money; others give gifts.  Some say thank you; others send cards or notes.  Some send flowers; others give candy.  However you show your appreciation to those around you, be sure it's genuine.

Too often we take for granted the smile, kind word, or good deed of another.  Everyday you cross paths with two types of people; those who care and those who do not.  Appreciate the ones who care and carefully observe those who do not.  Even if not in plain sight...they'll show themselves in due time - good or bad.

Even when you don't always like what you see and hear from those who truly care...appreciate them nonetheless.  Show your gratitude, thankfulness, admiration, affection, and love...they may not always be around to care for you.  Furthermore, they may constantly give and care, but never receive a thing...without a single complaint.

Appreciate your friends, your associates, your sidekick, your roll dog, your ace, your companion, your partner, or your soul mate...while you still can.  Brighten their something or say something nice.  Do for them what they'd do for you.  Be a friend.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fear vs. Faith

Fear is crippling; faith is empowering.  Fear weakens a dream; faith strengthens it.  Fear brings doubt; faith provides confidence.  Fear pushes you away from a goal; faith opens doors to achieve goals.  Fear whispers failure; faith shouts success.

Don't allow fear to overtake you today.  Know that you would not dream of success if it were not meant for you to achieve it.  Don't be afraid to make mistakes; expect them...and the lessons they will teach you.  Never be afraid to fall; but always plan for how you'll pick yourself up. 

I have a confession: I'm afraid of being alone...loneliness.  Yet, I live and enjoy every second of it.  I have fun with others and take comfort in's necessary sometimes.  I'm not afraid of myself...alone time is needed to reflect.  However, it is my goal to empower those around I'll never truly be alone.

Remember, those who reach success only get there because they try.  Take the leap!  Something greater serves as your parachute and HE won't let you fall. 

Monday, April 5, 2010


By definition, contemplation is thoughtful observation; full or deep consideraton; reflection.

When I started this blog, last week, I said to myself that I'd only write twice a week.  Since then, I've thought about what I wanted to do with it...write for myself or others.  I contemplated the options, writing everyday or less than everyday.  Nevertheless, I was at a crossroads...and it's only been a week!  I think Ben Stein said it best, "The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want."  I had a moment of clarity when I realized that I'd already decided, before I began, that the purpose of my speaking to you would be to help in some way...through laughter, thought, a smile, or even prompting you to act on something.

Sometimes our observation, consideration, and reflection allows us to see things clearer than we expect.  Nevertheless, despite our reservations and hesitance to goes on.  We can only hope that through contemplation we come to a decision that will lead us to the accomplishment of a goal.  Therefore, contemplate...but not for too long.  Think long and hard, but don't think so long and hard that the reason(s) for your contemplation has passed you by.

There's an old saying, "study long, study wrong."  Do everything with purpose.  Observe, consider, reflect, decide, and act with purpose.  Your contemplation is purpose-less if life passes you by in the meantime.  No one can change your life but you!

For now, I'll be writing daily and posting before noon.  Keep your goal ahead of you and reflect as needed...change will come.  Enjoy your day!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Forgiveness is one of the most important achievements/accomplishments of your life...not a job, not a degree, not even buying a new home. The ability to forgive is a symbol of growth, maturity, compassion, and understanding.

Forgiveness is more for the forgiver than it is for the forgiven. When you truly forgive you relieve yourself of future pain, anger, and strife. Forgiveness means that you have swallowed your pride to be a better person and put away the vengeful heart that pain can sometimes bring about. It shows that you are learning daily about yourself and that you are steadily becoming a better person.

Regardless of the packaging it comes in, a lesson is a lesson, a gift is a gift, and love is love. Don't shun or ignore your growth and blessings because you can't see beyond past pain into what has really been set before you.

Forgiveness is elixir for the soul. Have a beautiful day.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Life is lovely.  To be awakened with the feeling of optimism and hope; to know that your efforts are accepted, appreciated, and count toward something great; to know that you're supported and loved; to love and be loved in lovely.

Life is lovely.  In the storm, full of gray skies and rainy nights; in the cold and moisture; in the seemingly melancholy state of mind; with the strength of the wind, the force of the lightening, and the authority of the is terribly lovely.

Life is lovely.  In the serenity of the snow; with the whisper of a falling blanket; with the hush of daily clamor; with the quieting of turbulent thoughts; with the gradual, deliberate movements of is harmoniously lovely.

Life is lovely.  In the soothing songs of creation; with the brilliance of dawn; with the splendor of the sun; with the fragrance of nature's is wonderously lovely.

Life is lovely...enjoy it while you can.  With every breath, every thought, every hope, and every motion...enjoy life.

Life : : Mr. Beautiful : : I love you

Friday, April 2, 2010

You and I

You and I have this's hard to describe.  I see you everywhere I go, but I know you don't know my every move.  I want you to know my every move, but never tell you.  I really like seeing you and having you around.  How do you feel about me?

We like the same places and have a lot of the same friends.  We like to do the same things and also dislike the same things.  When I'm with you I feel content and full of energy.  When I see you I want more of you and never want you to leave.  You smell so you were made perfectly, just for me.

Every time we meet there's something new about you that grasps and holds my attention.  You look scrumptious.  You smell delectable.  The sound of your name sends me to another place.  Your touch is like heaven.  I want more of you with each encounter!  Our love affair will never end.

Food is wonderful!  I hope you started your daily love affair with a great breakfast date today.  Have a great weekend!  Smooches!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just BE

I've often wondered why some people try but don't succeed; why others seemingly put forth so little effort and experience such great success.  The only conclusion I can come to is that it's all about what you're working with on the inside.

You were created to do great things, but you have to believe it for yourself.  Self-doubt is a dangerous and paralyzing device.  Don't compare yourself or your talents to someone else's.  Use your past endeavors as a benchmark for how great you can be.  Don't think any less of your efforts or talents because you didn't measure up to someone else's standards.  You first have to BE who you are, then you can BE as great as you were created to BE.

Don't let someone else's successes or failures discourage you.  Get up and be determined to succeed no matter what...people are waiting on you.  They're waiting to see who you will be, what you will do, and how you'll get it done.  Remember, for every mistake you make someone is watching and learning from you.  Stick with the genius and savvy you have within, things will work out.  No worries of failure, just BE you and success will follow. 

Confidence is a beautiful thing.   It's great to see you at your best!