Friday, April 29, 2011


Pressure can be a negative or positive experience.  It can serve as your motivation for success or it could be the genesis of your failure.  How you handle the pressures of life will determine your character.

The element of surprise is not only a characteristic of memorable birthday parties.  It is also one of the most underrated agents of living.  Pressure takes on an element of surprise whenever you happen to be having an unplanned ordeal.  You must adjust and strive toward becoming and remaining stress-free.  Pressure has its way of unraveling the fabric of your tranquility.

Here are some steps to maintaining your harmony and peace of mind.  First, realize that you can't control everything.  Second, realize that you can control your responses to matter how chaotic it may seem.  Third, understand that everything happens for a reason...even when you can't understand the reason(s).  Fourth, make a conscious effort to see at least one good thing in whatever comes your way.  Finally, no matter how many times you have to adjust and re-adjust your actions and responses...never quit.

Life, at times, can be as unstable as the earth's core.  Be still and let the pressure push you to the top with the dazzling brilliance of a diamond...and shine!

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Waking of Possibility

You've been awakened to a new day...full of possibilities.  This day has options for you; waiting like flowers blooming along your personal walkway for your picking and smelling pleasure.  You can choose to walk by them, admiring them as you travel.  Or you can pluck one, or two, or take with you and re-plant wherever you go.  They're all here for you.

Tomorrow you'll be awakened to another brand new day of outside your door.  Just remember that what you see when you leave your door today, may not be there when you wake tomorrow.  Don't smell the flowers today and decide to plant tomorrow.  Pluck up your flowers of possibility today and enjoy the fragrance and bloom of living a life of success and blessings today.  It's yours for the taking!

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Embers are the remnants of a fire...what's leftover but still burning before a fire goes out.  Sometimes those remnants can spark another fire when added to fuel - something else to burn.  There are times when the embers jump outside of the original fire, oftentimes igniting a dangerous, untamed, and possibly overwhelming or deadly flame.  However, when tended to properly, embers can be used to spark or rekindle a new fire that can be an excellent source of heat and comfort.

Time and again, in our everyday lives, we enter into agreements, arrangements, relationships, and the like...only to reach the realization that we don't really want to be there.  Sometimes those relationships (business or personal) tend to be so volatile that it's best that all ties are severed.  Periodically, however, we enter into a good,  working relationship.  Communication is clear and concise.  Integrity is top-notch.  Everything looks good...but for some reason the fire starts to die out.

When left unattended or not cared for properly, the fire/passion of a relationship can dissipate quickly...just like a fire being started.  Frequently, we mistake this to mean that something went wrong or something is wrong with one of the persons/parties involved. This conclusion is not always the case.  There are times when we just need to understand that one fire is only meant to have a certain burn life.  Fires don't burn forever.

If it's meant to last, the fire will continue to burn because it is tended to and fuel is added at the appropriate times to maintain the life of the fire.  At other times, the fire will be tended to and still die out slowly...because the burn life was not designed to go on any further.  Nevertheless, if you move in haste to start another fire too soon...remember that the embers from the old fire never died out completely and could be dangerous.  Be patient and let the fire burn itself out or extinguish it totally before jumping into something too soon.  There may not be a flame, but embers are just as powerful.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.