Sunday, March 27, 2016


There is a difference between being accommodating and being thoughtful.

You may make sure my needs are met. You may see that my desires are fulfilled. You may do my bidding. You may even ask if all things are to my liking. That is being accommodating.

You may think of me when you're out & about and purchase a trinket. You may give me my favorite dessert just to see me smile. You may rub my feet after a long day because you know they're tired. You may complete a tedious task I've been working on for months. That is being thoughtful.

When a person cares for you he/she will be sure to ask if you are alright. One might seek to give you things that you need. However, when a person cares for you and loves you, he/she may ask what you need but will fill in the gaps with things you may never verbally express or ask for. Accommodation works on the surface for basic needs or desires. Thoughtfulness requires a deeper sense of knowing and understanding a person.

Not everyone is merely accommodating. Likewise, not everyone is thoughtful. Don't confuse the two. Being accommodating is akin to being cordial. Being thoughtful conveys a deeper message...on purpose. Live with purpose.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.