Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Be A Grown Up

I do not congratulate you for being a man or woman who does what you are suppose to do.  I do not give you kudos for being who you are suppose to be.  It is not considered special or different to be responsible and exhibit a smidgen of focus.  It isn't a wonderful thing to be a person who can follow directions.  You were put here for a reason...not to meander through life seeking praises and words of acknowledgement for your actions.

To move beyond the mundane, to perform outside of the boundaries of mediocrity, or to exceed the status quo...then you deserve congratulations, kudos, and words of acknowledgement.  However, the simple action is not enough.  You must carry out each action with sincerity and purpose.  Do something because it's in your heart; not because you seek praise.  Act out of purity of heart, love, and moral duty.

It is a communal obligation to lead by example.  It isn't always done during the present day; therefore, when most people perform in that manner accolades and acclaim are assigned.  A person with a rare quality doesn't make an action any more right than if every person displayed the same quality.  Societal absence of morale and character has lead some to believe that certain traits are no longer existent.  That's the farthest from the truth....they're just dormant due to their endangered status.

Be you.  Don't be afraid to share with the world who's inside.  Lead by example so our children will follow.  Give them a guide, a map, someone to emulate that walks the same streets.  Be a grown up.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.