Wednesday, April 7, 2010


People show their appreciation in many different ways.  Some give hugs; others give kisses.  Some give money; others give gifts.  Some say thank you; others send cards or notes.  Some send flowers; others give candy.  However you show your appreciation to those around you, be sure it's genuine.

Too often we take for granted the smile, kind word, or good deed of another.  Everyday you cross paths with two types of people; those who care and those who do not.  Appreciate the ones who care and carefully observe those who do not.  Even if not in plain sight...they'll show themselves in due time - good or bad.

Even when you don't always like what you see and hear from those who truly care...appreciate them nonetheless.  Show your gratitude, thankfulness, admiration, affection, and love...they may not always be around to care for you.  Furthermore, they may constantly give and care, but never receive a thing...without a single complaint.

Appreciate your friends, your associates, your sidekick, your roll dog, your ace, your companion, your partner, or your soul mate...while you still can.  Brighten their something or say something nice.  Do for them what they'd do for you.  Be a friend.

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