Saturday, April 3, 2010


Life is lovely.  To be awakened with the feeling of optimism and hope; to know that your efforts are accepted, appreciated, and count toward something great; to know that you're supported and loved; to love and be loved in lovely.

Life is lovely.  In the storm, full of gray skies and rainy nights; in the cold and moisture; in the seemingly melancholy state of mind; with the strength of the wind, the force of the lightening, and the authority of the is terribly lovely.

Life is lovely.  In the serenity of the snow; with the whisper of a falling blanket; with the hush of daily clamor; with the quieting of turbulent thoughts; with the gradual, deliberate movements of is harmoniously lovely.

Life is lovely.  In the soothing songs of creation; with the brilliance of dawn; with the splendor of the sun; with the fragrance of nature's is wonderously lovely.

Life is lovely...enjoy it while you can.  With every breath, every thought, every hope, and every motion...enjoy life.

Life : : Mr. Beautiful : : I love you

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