Saturday, April 17, 2010

Me vs. You

Speak your mind at all times...respectfully and with dignity.  There's nothing worse than a person who can not communicate effectively.  Either they say one thing, but mean another...and show it; or they say something and mean it, but don't know how to show it.  There may be some gray areas in between, but it all boils down to me vs. you. 

If you're in this together, act like it.  Talk to one another.  Share your feelings...good and bad.  Depend on one another's honest opinion and feedback.  Don't be afraid to change or grow...listen and learn from your flaws and mistakes.  It's ok to ask for advice, but only from wise counsel.

Never trust the opinions or two cents of others over your teammate.  Keep in mind that you chose your team.  The team will be there when you fall.  The team will be there when you reach the mountain peak.  The team will be there when you make you smile.  The team is what you put into it...and that works both ways. 

Remember, there is no I or you in team...only us.  Work together, play together, build, grow, create a legacy, draft a blueprint...but always keep in mind that it isn't me vs. you...only us.  It's beautiful to be you...especially when it's me and 

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