Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Daily you awake to experience life in a way that only you can.  You complete your morning tasks or duties and off to work you go!  You move through the day with a sense of "getting things done" - not thinking of how everything you do affects someone else. 

Every action has a reaction.  Every up has a down...and vice versa.  Every thought eventually prompts some kind of action.  Every feeling produces a frame of mind.  Every experience develops perspective.  What does it all mean?

By design, we were created with the power of influence and the ability to affect change in our surroundings.  What have you done to affect change?  Have you ever thought about it?  As I sat for jury duty one day, I thought about how every part of what every person does affects another person or group of people...and I was amazed.  As Bud Schulberg said: "Isn't everyone a part of everyone else?"

Take some time...today, tomorrow, when you have a minute...think about what you do to positively or negatively affect change around you.  Do you help others; do you only perform your duties; do you pass on what you've learned through teaching someone else; or have you decided that what you do or don't do doesn't really make a difference?  It does!

Remember, it's beautiful to be you.  Share who you are, what you know...the good, the bad, the pretty, and the ugly.  Help to cultivate someone else's mind.  Be a catalyst for growth in someone else's life.  Hurt people, hurt  people.  Healed people, love people.  It'll come back to you...I promise.  Have a great day!

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