Monday, April 26, 2010


It's interesting how one conversation with another can cause you to reflect on your own actions and inactions.  Helping someone to see themselves can help you to look at yourself.  Are you prepared to look at yourself, your choices, your actions, and your inactions....critically?  Have you?

I was asked a question today, "Have you ever made a decision or acted out of loneliness?".  Of all my moments of reflection and deep thought about my actions and inactions, I never truly did an inventory of my decisions that were prompted by loneliness.  This one question, and the conversation that followed, reaffirmed for me that despite all our strengths and talents...we still need each other more than you think.  It's amazing how being alone can cause the strongest, most clear-minded person to weaken and have clouded judgement.

Never underestimate your ability to see yourself walking along the path of someone else's may be your own.  Through your daily conversations and chit chat, think about what questions apply to you.  It's very interesting what you might find.  It's beautiful to be you...interesting too. 

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