Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Compassion exhibits courage.  It proves that you have the strength to look beyond what you see and understand someone else's weakness.  It shows others that they can make mistakes and not be put down or forgotten.  Compassion gives others the opportunity to see and learn of your character.  It allows you to grow every time you exercise it.

Compassion shows that you are human.  Showing mercy and kindness allows those around you to see the clarity of your heart.  It shows that you can be just and fair.  It proves that your aren't easily swayed by the very things that would make the world turn their backs on you or someone else.  Compassion teaches others that you are trustworthy.

Compassion is a speed bump on the road to forgiveness.  It slows you down just enough to see a clear picture and to gain perspective on your situation.  It compels you to love, practice tolerance, and show leniency.  Compassion is a great feat accomplished and practiced by great people...courageous and strong people.

It's beautiful to be you.  Show the world who you are from the inside out.  Do for someone else something that you would want done for you.  Be understanding and some compassion.  It goes a long way.  Enjoy your day.

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