Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's a wonderful experience when you can agree to disagree with someone or a group of people and move on as mature adults to whatever your future may bring your way.  However, on the other hand, it can get really ugly when unintended meanings are derived from words spoken out of hurt, anger, and embarrassment.  Today, I have experienced both situations and it was quite a teaching tool.

When you are hurt you can't be productive in the area of your pain...until you've healed.  It is most important for you to understand and learn from your pain.  The first step is always to accept and admit that you've been hurt and are hurting.  Don't beat up on yourself because you believe you were weak, therefore, allowing yourself to get hurt.  Anytime you love, you risk the chance of getting hurt. 

Pain is a teacher too.  Through experience, it teaches compassion, understanding, kindness, and patience.  By experiencing pain we allow ourselves the opportunity to grow and gain a new understanding of how to avoid and deal with it.  Don't be will get better.

Feel everything that goes along with being hurt...digest it.  Spend some time alone.  Take time to think and reflect on your actions, or lack thereof.  Then, spend some time healing yourself and making yourself feel good...knowing that no pain is the consequence of your actions alone.  Forgive who or whatever you believe was the cause of your pain and begin to move forward.

It's beautiful to be you...even when you're hurting.  Your pain opened a wound...let it heal and bring closure to your pain.  Write a new chapter in your book of life and smile again.  Be strong, be beautiful, be you.

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