Monday, May 31, 2010

Letting Go

Letting go is hard to do.  Some times are easier than others...especially when experiences are accompanied by pain.  You seem to discover that nothing worth having is worth your continued pain.  You begin to think that there is a life worth living without having everything you want and begin focusing on the things you need.  You begin to focus your energy elsewhere...and slowly but surely you let go.

In some situations, letting go isn't so easy.  You see what you want everyday, but can't have it.  Sometimes, what you want is so close you can smell and almost taste it.  In some ways, you still chase the idea.  You haven't accepted the fact that what you want just isn't for you. 

Life gives you lemons so you can make lemonade.  You're thrown into the heat so you can appreciate the cold.  You're given dry days so you can appreciate the rain.  So, when life brings you something you want - shiny, pretty, and new - you have to practice discipline and exercise wisdom to know if that something is meant for you.  You may not truly know until that something becomes unattainable. 

Whatever it is that you want, but can't have because it isn't meant for you...let it go.  Something better suited for you will come along.  Something tailor-made for your personality, lifestyle, talents, and dreams will come into your life...and you'll love it.

It's beautiful to be you...even when it's hard to let just takes time.

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