Friday, May 7, 2010


The corner is a special place.  You can see and not be the corner.  You can observe all the passers the corner.  You can get ready for whatever is coming your the corner.  The corner may make you feel under pressure, but you'll come out shining like a diamond.

Take your time observing, learning, and practicing.  Try again and again until your craft is perfected.  Don't give up now; you've come too far.  It doesn't hurt to be the unrefined material in the rarely traveled foothills of a mountain.  Be still and your corner.  Your patience is a virtue and will pay off in due time.  Nestle yourself in your corner of the world until the ever-persistent treasure hunter comes to claim you as his own.  It's alright to be chosen last...the best usually are.

It's beautiful to be you...such a gem you are!

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