Friday, May 7, 2010


We always seem to view baggage in a negative way.  I don't mean baggage in an airport luggage kind of way.  The baggage I'm referring to are the leftovers you've retained that have resulted from the not-so-nice experiences - heartbreak, mistrust, lack of vision, mistakes, or even failures - that have happened during your life.  Those indescribable feelings, those unspeakable thoughts, and the unexplained actions or preconceived ideas...are all leftovers.  The leftovers become baggage in your cargo bay - dead weight in your heart.

Why let the leftovers dictate what you'll have for dinner?  Simply take a trip to the grocery store, get fresh ingredients, and whip up an exciting, new meal!  Don't be confined to what you think is the only way, the only option, or the only outcome.  Open your heart, your mind, your ears, and your eyes...accept and embrace your new experiences.  Don't just run away because things may appear similar to something you've seen before.

Dumbells are heavy for a reason.  They'd be dead weight - just lying around - unless you use them.  Pick up your baggage and use it for some good.  Put it to use and learn from it...without allowing it to hold you back.  Don't allow it to weigh you down; use it to make you stronger. 

It's beautiful to be strong and beautiful.

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