Monday, May 10, 2010


Life happens everyday...good or bad.  Planned or unplanned, situations will come your way.  The circumstances surrounding every situation you encounter can and will bring out the best or worst in you.  As crazy as it may seem...the world has a way of relegating your worth to your circumstances.

What you do with the issues that surround you, how you respond to them; will determine how others view you - whether their perceptions are true or not.  Image is everything when people don't know you from the inside out.  No matter what, hold your head high, think things through, and do what's best for you in your situation.  The circumstances will change...eventually.

Don't let circumstance determine who you are.  Practice and display integrity, patience, determination, dedidcation, and kindness.  Who you are will shine through your circumstance as long as you remain consistent.  Life happens everyday...good or bad.  Circumstances will the constant.

It's beautiful to be you...even when you don't know what's coming next .  Don't worry about what everyone thinks.  Do what's best for you. 

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