Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Raining

For some, rain brings melancholy, gray skies, and loneliness.  For some, the rain is a sign that things are not right and that there needs to be a change.  For me, rain is a mental note to me that my life needs to slow down a bit and it's time to recuperate from the wear and tear of life. 

Sometimes it's mandatory to take a day to yourself to reflect and strategize.  Sometimes it's mandatory to take some time to just relax, breathe, and regroup.  Sometimes it's mandatory to just sit and laugh without thinking about the daily stressors of your life.  Sometimes it's mandatory to watch and listen...even if you never respond to a single thing.

Try looking at the upside of the rain...it nourishes the earth.  Rain slackens the pace of everything that we somehow believe can't be slowed down.  It's symbolic of cleansing and tranquility.  Take time for yourself to determine what the rain can do for you.  It isn't so bad to slow down a bit...it helps you to put all things into perspective.

It's beautiful to be you...slow down to see what the rain will wash out of your life.  It's a wonderfully beautiful process to witness!

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