Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sometimes you feel it...almost overwhelmingly strong.  Sometimes you can barely tell it's there.  At other times it's like a persistent thread that runs through the fabric of everything you do.  It's like your link to the rest of the world around you...connection.

Everyone needs it.  You need it to feel wanted, loved, seen, needed, liked, or even acknowledged.  It is imperative that each person feels connected to something or someone in some way to feel that their life has meaning.  Anyone not connected to someone or something may slowly, but surely fade away.  It's a human need that we're connected.

Don't fool yourself into believing that you don't need anyone for anything.  If only for a mental connection, we need one another.  No matter what you may have been through...regardless of how difficult or how tough; it's always easier to get through troublesome times when you feel connected.  Pray, meditate, share with someone, care for a plant or animal, commit yourself to a project...get connected to something or someone.  As simple as it may sound; it helps you cope with daily stress.

It's beautiful to be you...connected and meaningful in all that you do.

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