Tuesday, May 25, 2010


You feel as if your heart is escaping through your eyes in tiny droplets that you can't control. 

Breathe, breathe.  Don't let the feeling consume you. 

You feel as if you may have lost a friend that, maybe, you never truly had. 

You feel as if you're out in the ocean waiting to be rescued after having fallen from a yacht.

You can swim but your legs are getting tired and you feel like giving up; letting yourself go under...letting the sea whisk you away.

This is heartbreak...this was me.  There is joy after the pain.  There is hope after the doubt.  There is laughter to aid in your healing.  There is still love.  The sun will shine just for you...after the rain washes away all the tears you've shed.  Keep your head up...someone needs to see your strength. 

It's beautiful to be you...keep smiling...someone needs you.

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