Friday, May 7, 2010


Everyone takes a chance sometime.  Every time you make a choice you take a chance.  You take a chance that you'll act and your efforts will either succeed or fail.  If you don't take action, your decision gets stale. 

When you act on your decisions, you make a statement that you're willing to try.  Trying is taking a chance...a chance that things may not work.  Don't be afraid.  Pray, breathe, and take a chance.  Have faith and walk into the unknown knowing that everything will be alright.

Life is full of chances.  Each chance can be viewed as opportunities or all depends on your perspective.  A chance - an opportunity to gain new experiences and additional opportunities OR the risk of mistake or failure.  Remember, you can learn from a mistake and try again; but you won't get the same chance twice.  Step out, take a chance, life life without fear.  Live life loud.

It's beautiful to be you.  Stay lovely.

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