Saturday, July 24, 2010

Your Heart, Your Emotions, and Your Mind

I recently had a "cyber" conversation with several people about how your heart and mind are always at war with one another.  I believe this to be true on so many levels.  However, it was brought to my attention just how sad life can turn out for so many people due to their way of thinking.  It's amazing to hear what people think of life and love...only to see them play out their on negative ideals through their own lives.

A young lady told me that as you get older, you gain knowledge and your feelings tend to fade.  I must say that I was quite surprised to hear and see her rebuttal.  However, I can totally understand her point of view.  It is true that as a child and young adult we sometimes let our feelings/emotions lead us in the wrong direction.  Nevertheless, your heart and your emotions are different.

Your heart's desire is always what's right and good for your life...naturally.  Your mind works on what it can see, touch, hear, evaluate, or think about...and can change at a moment's notice.  Likewise, your emotions operate on the same wavelength...but considering your heart and your mind.  Your emotions stand as the battleground upon which your heart and mind go to war.  Be weary of who or what you allow to lead you.

It's beautiful to be you!

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