Thursday, July 15, 2010


Life is hard sometimes...believe me, I know.  Sometimes everything comes at you all at once and you have nowhere to go or seemingly no one who can help you.  Sometimes you're required to do things that you say you'd never do.  Sometimes life can make your pride, ego, and confidence disappear altogether.  You can get your confidence back...try being spongy.

Sponges have a unique I think is good for us to emulate.  A sponge has a natural shape that can only change through growth, despite the pressure it you and I.  It's put into all kinds of liquids; used to clean all kinds of spills and accidents...much like the things that happen in our lives.  No matter what a sponge soaks up, no matter what mess it encounters, it retains its natural shape.  When squeezed, all the mess is released, but the sponge doesn't change.
I know you're going through hell sometimes, but soak it all up.  Soak up the trials, problems, and issues...soak up all the mess you may go through.  When the pressure comes and you're squeezed like a sponge...take the pressure, but release the mess.  You may not know when it's coming, but when it does, let the pressure squeeze all of life's mess right out of you.  Let everything go...except what you've learned from the mess; retain your shape, and try again. 

It's beautiful to be you...let's be spongy together!

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