Thursday, July 29, 2010


Your emotions are part of what lets you know you're alive.  They are part of your body's response know - kind of like your nervous system.  When you react to something, what you feel inside is part of your emotions.  What you feel through your sense of touch is from your nervous system.  They both allow you to respond to stimuli - things that happen to or around you...both naturally.

Sometimes your emotions carry you in directions that aren't necessarily good for you.  You do things based on how you feel and your feelings may be the total opposite of what you need.  At these times it's best to use your time wisely and listen closely to your heart...not just your emotions or what you think might be right.  Your emotions will cause you to act spontaneously at the wrong times.  This could cause irreparable damage to your personal & working relationships and your image.

Never let your emotions lead you without first, listening to your heart and second, thinking with a clear mind.  If your heart is true and your mind is clear...ride the wave and enjoy the feelings.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

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