Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Your heart is the strongest muscle in your body.  It pumps the life through you and allows the rest of your body to thrive daily.  Physically, your heart is the keeper of life for your body.  It can survive, even when your mind is far gone.  Your heart allows your body to live, despite the activity of your brain.

In other matters (of the heart), your heart is where your dreams live.  Your heart is where love lives.  Your heart is where possibilities never cease.  Your heart is where courage and faith reside.  Your heart is what connects to your spirit, your truth, and your Creator.

Your heart is what allows you to take big steps to do the things that people think are impossible.  Your heart is what gives you the spiritual fortitude and the physical ability to forgive, be humble, and love.  Love with all your might and share it...that's what you were made for.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful!

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