Monday, July 5, 2010


There isn't a single thing wrong with treating yourself.  I think you owe it to yourself sometimes.  There are times at which you must indulge and enjoy yourself...just don't overdo it.  When those times come'll know.  It won't hurt, won't be questionable, won't get in the way of anything, won't upset your'll fit right in with how you feel. 

Treats are wonderful presents wrapped up in the colorful, sheer enjoyment of all that is right and good.  They're like your personal thank you to yourself.  They're like your own little spaces and moments of the midst of whatever is going on around you.  They're the little things you do that you think about months later....and you smile to yourself.  Treats are fabulous...but only in small doses.

Treat yourself...well.  Make yourself feel good sometime.  Do for you what no one else can...delight yourself in the pleasurable gratification that comes only from within.  Do something nice for you...treat yourself.  You'll thank me later.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

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