Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is This Real?

You've felt it, smelled it, almost tasted it...is it real?  You smiled when you saw it and you almost jumped for joy as your heart started to beat faster.  Could this be it...is it really real?  You feel like you've been waiting all your life...is this real?  Is this...real...life...love...success?

That moment you've waited your whole life for; the pleasure you get from seeing that "new friend", that new office, new car (even if it's just new-to-you)...yes, it's real!  That smile that comes across your face when you walk out the door to your car...is real.  That flutter in your stomach and sense of euphoria you get when you talk to him/her (even when you don't tell anyone you've felt it)...is real.  The confidence and hope that you feel when you walk through the door of your next opportunity (whether it's a job, contract, appointment, or interview)...is real.

Each feeling, thought, idea, or sensation you've experienced from having a taste of true love or success is real.  However, if you stop along this road to success...this road of love - you'll also see how real the feelings of sadness and regret can be.  Don't stop, keep on pushing!  It's all real and there's more to come!

It's beautiful to be you...living and loving.

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