Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Full Circle

Everything comes full circle. 

Throughout life we're given an opportunity (or two) to witness something great, something momentous, something spectacular...something rare.  That opportunity affords us with the insight, experience, and knowledge to teach someone enlighten someone else of what could be.  With that knowledge, we are charged with the task of empowering and improving the quality of someone else's life.  Through that empowerment, we pass the torch of enlightenment on to the next person.  Once we've fulfilled our duty, we can then begin the process of being given the opportunity to once again witness something great.

Sometimes we're afforded the good fortune of seeing our self-fulfilled destiny manifested in the lives of others.  We get the chance to see someone else enjoy the fruits of our labor...and it feels good inside.  We reach a point at which we can smile and know that we've added to the well-lived life of another.  It becomes easier to open ourselves to risks...all the while seeing opportunities.  It becomes easier to give back.

Your goodness and gracious acts toward others do not go unnoticed.  You will receive your just reward in due it a smile, a thank you, a kind word, or just seeing the improved lives of those whose lives you've touched.  Don't fret about not being in the spot light, not having your name called, or not having everyone know who you are.  The quality of who you are - your character - is all that matters.  Everything comes full circle.

It's beautiful to be you...learning and giving.

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