Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get To Know

It's fun to learn new things about yourself.  However, learning about yourself can be quite enlightening and kind of touchy.  It doesn't always feel good to learn about a not-so-good trait you possess.  On the other hand, it's very helpful to aid you in your constant reflection and growth.

It can be funny to learn what others see in you that you do your best not to reveal or make public.  It's also good to know that you're transparent...even when you don't realize it.  It's great to learn that your honesty is innate...something that you don't have to try to do, but comes naturally.  It's great to get to know yourself all over again.  Take some time...get to know you again.  You're worth it.

It's beautiful to be you...getting to know you too.

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