Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Not What You Think

Sometimes your past gets the best of you.  You judge people by it.  You gauge situations by it.  You develop a code or change your behavior according to it.  However, it's not what you think.

You begin to think that all the trials that come your way are meant to knock you down and kill your dreams.  You start to see negativity wherever you look.  You slowly become brainwashed into believing that everyone and everything is against you.  You are conditioned by your circumstances to adopt a pessimistic perspective of the world.  Nevertheless, it's not what you think.

There are those who seek to harm you.  There are those who aim to destroy the good in you.  There are some who'd like to see each of your dreams crushed.  What some mean for your demise, God uses to strengthen you. What seems like the worst, the hardest, the most frustrating and the most painful is never what you think...it's much more.

Your circumstances are not what you think...they are not who you are.  Your experiences are only preparing you for the greatness to come.  Every encounter is so much more than what you think.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

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