Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Watching the light bulb come on in a child's head is a beautiful event to behold. Smelling your favorite food or scent and it causing you to remember the best time you had with a loved one is a wonderful feeling. Feeling an infant heart beating on your chest as you rock him/her to sleep is magical. Tasting snow for the first time is exhilarating. Hearing your name called in recognition of an accomplishment that took years of dedication to achieve is overwhelming.

Being created for a purpose is astounding. Knowing your purpose is comforting. Fulfilling your purpose is mind-blowing. Positively affecting others through the fulfilling of your purpose is a blessing. Having the opportunity to witness the little miracles in life is quite amazing.

Appreciate the amazing things in life that you've been blessed to witness and be a part of.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

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