Thursday, June 30, 2011


There is a saying: "blood is thicker than water".  It means that when there is a misunderstanding among family members, versus non-family members, you work out the kinks with your family at all costs.  It means that you don't stay at odds with family the way you might with someone who is not related to you.  It means that you stand up for family and support them.  That one saying means all of the aforementioned things...maybe a bit more, but nothing less.

You need family; but sometimes you need outsiders to make you appreciate family properly.  At times, family can treat you worse than anyone else in the world.  This only happens because they're closest to you.  At other times, you can trust a friend with your life and heart long before you would a family member.  This happens due to past pain & hurts that haven't healed or haven't been overcome within the family.

Family, love, and support makes life easier to live.  Sometimes friends are the only family you have.  No matter what kind of family you have...appreciate it, it's your family.  Remember, family isn't only made up of those who share the same last name or same direct descendants.  It's all about relationship and the bond you share.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

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