Thursday, June 16, 2011


There's a huge, gaping hole inside me...right in the space where I keep the things I love.  You'd never know by looking because I'm not bandaged or limping.  You can't even tell if you talk to me, since my speech isn't slurred or obstructed.  There's no apparent damage according to the eyes of on-lookers...only in the eyes of those who are kindred to my soul have I been broken and damaged in some way.  Even though it lies within, they can see the hurt and pain...they see a difference in me.

I can't repair it on my takes time.  Slowly, hurt and pain will fade.  However, memories will be lasting.  Sometimes the memories will conjure laughter...and at other times tears.  I'm not comfortable with this process, but I know we must all go through it in order to learn and grow.

Whether a death, a lost love, or sheer disappointment from failure or fallen expectations...craters are what remain after something great has happened.  It makes no difference whether the happening was greatly negative or positive...learn something from it.  Go through the process.  Before you know it your crater will be filled with new life.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

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