Thursday, January 13, 2011


Doors are gateways to opportunity.  Doors are exits from pain and trouble.  Doors are the portals through which you pass once an experience is complete, a lesson learned, or a journey about to be embarked upon. Doors are the thresholds you cross to enter into a land of living, moving, breathing moments that become your life.  Do not be afraid.

Some doors are locked and meant to be opened; while others are meant to remain locked.  Some doors are always open and merely exist as symbols of your achievement; your path to a new greatness.  Some doors are designed to open when knocked upon; others must be knocked down.  Some doors are designed to be opened with a key; while others are designed to be opened for you.  No matter the design or the fashion, each door in your life leads you to something new.

You must successfully close one door before another can be opened.  Don't make the mistake of leaving doors unlocked behind you as you move on to new experiences in life.  The past has a way of creeping along with you if not left securely in its proper the past.  Appreciate every experience, good or bad...and readily make your exit when it's time.  Likewise, be ready and inspired to move on when the time comes.

Even if the time to move comes along before you think you're ready, just remember: when one door closes another door opens.

It's beautiful to be you, simply beautiful.

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