Saturday, January 22, 2011


When accidents occur, the damage is almost always apparent.  However, every so often the damage isn't evident or immediately's hidden very well.  It hides beneath laughter, smiles, professional composure, and emotional detachment.  Sometimes, the damage isn't easy to hide at all.

The struggles a person faces sometimes leave residual emotions and speculation of what will be.  At times the trials of life leave you wanting...with the expectation that your desires and needs will be fulfilled through other people and things.  These other people have no clue what your past experiences or pains have consisted of.  They don't know your frustrations or pet peeves.  Their not knowing isn't a sign of some kind that they need to learn; it simply means that you must learn to trust enough to share.

There will be instances when moments of your past are recalled in your mind because you hear a song, pass an unforgettable location, or smell a lingering scent.  From time to time these moments create the environment for those residual emotions to resurface.  There's nothing wrong with you because of takes time to heal.  Oftentimes, it's necessary to feel again what you once felt and to think what you once thought...just to re-evaluate and reflect.  It's okay to mentally go back to the past...but only to learn & grow, not to stay.

The damage we see in others needs repairing.  The damage we see and feel in ourselves needs repairing.  However, we are not always the ones who need to perform the repairs.  The decision to step back may be just as paramount in the healing process as the decision to forgive.  When you get a glimpse of someone else's damage or realize your own...just be there to help, support, or to reach out when it's needed.  All things happen in time.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

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