Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting Up

You awaken to hear rain falling, birds chirping, cars rushing, buses moving...the world waking and living around you.  What will I do today?

As you ponder your actions and endeavors for the time designed for you to touch someone else's life in some lie in bed.  You create lists in your head and wonder which task to tackle first.  You think about what you started, but didn't finish the day before or the week before.  You try to imagine innovative ways to make your days brighter.  You contemplate including others in your plans and decide against it...forcing yourself to focus on you.

You've dreamed, strategized, and organized...get up!  You're wasting time!  You've spent so much time thinking about what to do that you haven't really done a thing.  I know it's comfortable to map out your plans and to have everything in order before you make your first move, but you do realize that you have to move don't you?  Don't spend so much time strategizing that your strategy is outdated by the time you begin to implement it.  Dream your dream and act on it! 

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