Friday, March 29, 2013


Stress is leftover emotion and thought pent up in your body.  It needs an escape...a way out.  For your health and happiness, you must learn your natural stress relievers.  They can save your life.

Stress has a way of making it's presence known by tightening your neck or back, giving you headaches or attitudes, and pushing you to the highest levels of irritability.  Stress can also produce much more serious affects, such as those which result from strokes and heart attacks. 

It is imperative that you find an outlet.  You must seek out and find a healthy option that makes stress melt, or run, away from you.  For some, it may be cooking or fixing things.  For others, it may be meditation or prayer.  For's cleaning and exercise.

Both allow me to focus on a goal and work steadily toward achieving that goal.  I can see and feel the affects of my success, which makes me feel good.  Get focused and have faith.  Be stress-free.  Find a can do this!

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

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