Monday, November 21, 2011


Face time is the quality time you get to look into someone's eyes as they speak; the time you get to have a really good hug.  It's harder and harder to come by each day.  You get face time from dozens of strangers and acquaintances everyday, but not always from those you'd like to have time with.  Although you may be able to email, text, or chat...nothing beats face time.  Real is always better.  How real are you with yourself?

When was the last time you spent time with yourself?  Have you spent any face time with you lately?  Time is money and money is time.  Money is replaceable, time is not.  It isn't endless, so you must use it wisely...including who you spend it with.  You are the most important person to consider having daily face time with.

Look in the mirror (mentally and physically) everyday.  Don't simply comb/brush your hair or brush your teeth...look at yourself in the mirror.  Decide, each morning, if you can live with who you know and see in that mirror.  If you can see yourself as confident, kind, caring, strong, and intelligent...act as such.  If you can't see the goodness in yourself each morning, take small steps toward achieving that goal.

However, if you can't look in the have a bit more work to do.  No better time than the present to get started!  Face's harder and harder to come by everyday.  You have to be real with yourself in order to be real with anyone else.

It's beautiful to be you...simply beautiful.

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